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Eco-Block 2000 Dimensions and Charecteristics

  101mm Cavity Block  152 mm Cavity Block  203mm Cavity Block
 Block Dimensions (Standard Block)  1219 x 406 x 229 mm  1219 x 406 x 279 mm  1219 x 406 x 330 mm
 Concrete Thickness  102mm  152mm  203mm
 Concrete Volume per block  0.05m3  0.07m3  0.1m3
 EPS Thickness (total)  127mm  127mm  127mm
 Wall Surface Area per block  0.5m2  0.5m2  0.5m2
 Fire Rating*  2 hours  3 hours  4hours
 Sound Insulation*  42 dB  51 dB  51+ dB
 Thermal Insulation*  R-3.78  R-3.78  R-3.78
 U-Value  0.26  0.26  0.26
 Block Dimension (90 deg corner)  Long side: 813mm
Short side: 406mm
Long side: 813mm
Short side: 406mm 
  Long side: 813mm
Short side: 406mm
 * concrete-filled         

Eco Blocks

Connectors come in all sizes from 101mm up to 600mm.

Eco Block Connectors

Eco Block Fixing Points

Eco Block webbing system is embedded during moulding process every 200mm. Plasterboard, cladding etc is screwed into the webs.

Eco Block Fixing