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Construction Process

Eco-Block is a highly versatile, cost efficient, easy-to-use, flat wall, insulating concrete form (ICF) system. The system ships flat to save space and freight cost. Workers at the job site quickly snap the plastic connectors onto the web to create complete forms, ready for stacking.

Special right-angle forms are also available for making right and left hand corners, that also speed construction. Eco-Block has various locations to attach the connectors allowing the blocks to be cut almost anywhere vertically horizontally, or at an angle and maintain a strong and stable form.

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Construction Process

Using our Eco-Block system we will build your walls, complete ready for plastering and external finishing.

  • After the concrete cures, the plumbing and electrical installation can begin. The foam is easy to cut and remove so electrical lines can be installed.
  • Radius walls and angled walls can also be constructed with ease through simple mitering techniques. Eco-Block gives you unlimited design flexibility.
  • Eco-Block features a bracing system with unique alignment features to ensure a smooth wall finish.
  • Eco-Block process eliminates steps that are necessary with wood-frame construction, such as sheathing and insulating the exterior walls. Only one construction crew is needed to get the job done.
  • Eco-Block stack and lock into place much like LEGO’s™. Only basic hand tools are needed to position and secure our lightweight blocks.

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