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Eco Performance

Thermal Performance:

  • R-Value 3.78
  • Excellent insulation
  • No drafts or cold spots
  • Energy costs reduced up to 50%

The total R-Value achieved with the Eco-Block wall exceeds that required in all climate zones under the Building Code of Australia.

Performance Chart

Fire Performance:

  • High fire resistance
  • Limits generation of smoke and heat
  • Fire retardant is added during manufacturing

Eco Block System provides a Fire Resistance Level as follows:

ECO-Block core Thickness mm Fire Resistance Level minutes Structural Adequacy/Integrity/Insulation
101 90/90/90
152 180/180/180
203 240/240/240

The BRANZ assessment report 2251 and 698 below provide further information on the Fire Resistance and Fire Hazard Properties of the Eco Block wall system.

Acoustic Performance:

  • Quieter Living
  • Outside noise is absorbed
  • Sound Transmission Class 56

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