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ECO Benefits

Naturally Comfortable Internal Temperature

The Eco-Block concrete walls buffer a house’s interior from the outdoors. Reducing changes to temperature, keeping the house at a sustainable temperature of approximately 23 degrees Celsius. Air infiltration is also eliminated, this allows for greater control of interior air quality.

Quiet and Peaceful Home Environment

Walls built with ECO-Block ICF’s dramatically reduce outside noise pollution. The result is a quiet and peaceful living environment – much quieter than ordinary timber, steel framed walls and brick veneer construction.

Save on Energy Costs

The concrete filled Eco-Block walls serve as an insulator. Homes use approximately 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable wood frame houses. There are no drafts or cold spots, therefore reducing energy costs up to 50%.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Uses recycled materials whenever possible
  • Uses no CFCs or HCFCs / Emits no fumes or gasses
  • 6+ Energy Star Home rating
  • Qualifies for Energy-Efficient Mortgages
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Reduces mold problems
  • Minimizes construction wastes to three percent or less

Mould and Mildew Resistant

The Eco-Block EPS foam is a high density, closed cell foam that is air tight and resistant to water infiltration. Thereby precludes mold or mildew problems.

Cleaner Air in Your Home

As per above Eco-Block does not support mould growth thereby ensuring a superior indoor air quality, free from unwanted allergens, pollutants and mould.

High Fire Rating

Eco Block walls can be built to withstand fires up to 4 hours. Flame retardant is added to the polystyrene panels during manufacturing.

Withstand Severe Weather

Eco-Block homes are built to any seismic or cyclonic storm standards and withstand severe weather cyclones, storms and earthquakes.

Increased Speed and Efficiency

ECO-Block’s light weight, easy-to-use process eliminates several steps used in wood-frame construction, such as sheathing and insulating the exterior walls.

Installing 1 Eco-Block is equivalent as laying 50 bricks, reducing labour costs.

Ease of Services

Plumbing and electrical installations is competed once the concrete cures. A hot-knife or router is used to create channels in the foam for electrical wiring and plumbing.

Only One Trade

To complete the walls ready for external and internal finishings, only require one trade on site – the Eco-Block installation team. No need for bricklaying, framing, formwork subcontractors.

No Insulation Required

The concrete filled Eco-Block system is self-insulating therefore no additional insulation is required. The polystyrene panels insulate your home for long-term comfort.

No Timber or Bricks

Eco-Block homes have no requirement for timber frames or bricks when building wall structure.

No Batons

When applying cladding on the external/internal face, no batons are required; it simply is screwed straight into the specially designed webs.

Termite Free

There is nothing for termites t eat in a concrete home, therefore no risk to the structure of your home.