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Environmental sustainability includes actions to reduce the use of physical resources. The polystyrene used in these forms, have many positive environmental characteristics.

The expanded polystyrene – is manufactured without the use of any toxin, or greenhouse gasses. The foam never biodegrades, which makes it a very durable insulation material. This also ensures that there will never be any off-gassing of any sort. The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a high density, closed cell foam which can’t absorb water, and thereby precludes mold or mildew problems. The foam has a fire retardant, HBCD, which help the entire assembly to earn a 4 hr fire rating. The walls have a sound rating of 51 STC, which helps provide a quiet indoor environment. There is also minimal waste of the product during construction.

Reduces green-house gas emission – The greatest environmental impact of a building is the emissions from heating and cooling the building. Building a home with Eco-Block saves energy and money.

The insulation qualities of the walls, tighter construction, and temperature-smoothing mass conserve heating and cooling energy much better than conventional wood-frame walls. Building an Eco-Block home, the foam insulation helps to keep the temperature the same everywhere. Eliminates ‘cold spots’ and drafts that occur in ordinary wood frame walls.

Eco-Block wall system has an R-value of 3.78. The integration of this thermal value, with the benefits of low air infiltration and an insulated thermal mass, provides effective thermal benefits that far exceeds the nominal R3.5, and makes ECO-Block the ideal candidate to help a home exceed a 6+ star rating.

The concrete in the Eco Block wall gives it the heat absorbing property of ‘thermal mass’, so the house does not tend to overheat or get suddenly chilly or hot.

Reduction in Energy Costs ECO-Block buildings consistently reduce monthly utility costs over the life of the structure. In turn, the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system can be sized appropriately to reap even more savings. You will have a comfortable home all year round and see a reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Manufacturing & Recycling

From the initial manufacturing of our product to the construction site to finished structure, ECO-Block has designed its system and process to be kind to the environment. In addition to manufacturing under environmentally clean conditions, ECO-Block forms are 50 percent more efficient to ship and handle than other ICFs.

ECO-Block ICFs reduce the pressure on precious natural resources by replacing lumber used in frame construction, with an environmentally clean product. No CFCs, HCFCs or other ozone-depleting substances are used or released during any process. Manufacturing waste is negligible and construction waste is also minimal. By weight, 40% of the ECO-Block ICF’s are made from recycled material.

Optimal Interior Environment

Building with ECO-Block eliminates air infiltration through the wall assembly into a structure, which allows for greater control of a building’s interior air quality. There are no drafts or cold spots, thus greatly reducing the amount of fuel needed for heating and cooling.

Additionally, walls constructed with ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Forms dramatically reduce outside noise pollution. The result is a quiet and peaceful living environment.

Mold and Moisture-Resistant

The ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Walls provide a building envelop that is both airtight and resistant to water infiltration. The inorganic nature of the ECO-Block ICFs means they do not support mold growth ensuring a superior indoor air quality free from unwanted allergens, pollutants and mold.