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QT®EcoSeries Wall Panel

The QT®EcoSeries Wall Panel is a masonry veneer wall cladding system with a cavity.

The QT®EcoSeries Wall Panel offers a solid substrate which can accommodate a wide range of finishes, has high thermal insulation and sound abatement, fire resistance and ease of construction.

QT®EcoSeries Wall Panels are manufactured from a material called ‘Conpolcrete®’ which consists of a blend of cement and recycled polystyrene.

Aesthetically Pleasing Energy-Efficient Homes

At Polycon Systems, we provide high quality QT Eco Series wall panels that are highly energy efficient and also support different types of wall finishes. Therefore, you no longer have to compromise on the aesthetics of your place to get your home weather-proofed. The QT Eco Series wall panel is a wall cladding system with a cavity. These wall panels are fire resistant, provide sound abatement and enhance the pace of construction, as they are light in weight. They also provide superior thermal insulation.

Our QT Eco Series wall panels are made of Conpolcrete, which is a blend of recycled polystyrene and cement. They are available in a wide array of colors and textures. Therefore, you will have a home, which is stylish yet highly resilient to harsh temperatures and other environmental factors. Eco Series wall panels are

  • Extremely light in weight, therefore you require lesser manpower and construction time
  • Available in a variety of colors and textures, they make your home visually attractive
  • Made of recycled polystyrene with low embodied energy, they are environment friendly
  • Non-combustible, therefore they are highly fire resistant and safe
  • Durable and secure solid substrate
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions, such as cyclones
  • Superior acoustic performance with reduced outdoor noise
  • Highly insulative - excellent insulation against fluctuating extreme weather conditions throughout the year

Our product portfolio includes Eco Block, QT Eco series wall panels, Ventis Home Ventilation System and polystyrene cladding needs. By choosing us, you will also choose a greener environment.

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Icon EnvironmentGood for Environment

Icon FireFire Resistant

Icon StrengthTough and Durable

Icon SoundAcoustic Performance

Icon InsulateExcellent Insulation

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