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Testimonials - Antoni

Our goal was to build a very comfortable and cheap to run family home that looked great. After doing a lot of research both in Australia and overseas, I went to a number of ICF suppliers to try and find the best solution for our home, and in the end Polycon Structures and Eco Block were the stand out provider and product by a long way! Andrew is a true professional and was extremely flexible in working with us to achieve the results that we wanted.

I was and am still sure that the Eco Block product was the most stable, easy to work with, cost effective and robust product on the market! There are plenty of good ICF products out there, but from my research, Eco Block is by far the best for a few reasons;

  • Integrated fixing points – the plastic bracing is actually cast into the panels at a fixed spacing and is structural so I could not only attach my plaster board directly to it, I can also hang shelving, cabinets and other heavy items on my walls with fixings every 200mm. I couldn’t find any other product with this. Also, I saved a fortune on not having to have any structural framing done at all – everything just fixes straight onto the Eco Block.
  • Flexibility in width of walls – because I wanted a passive home that performed really well during hot and cold weather without spending a fortune on air conditioning and electricity, I needed a structure with excellent thermal properties. The 150mm option I chose has an R3.8 rating without doing anything to it!
  • Structural stability – Eco Block has a uniform thickness of concrete throughout, and my entire house is constructed from a single continuous wall of solid reinforced concrete. We’ve had a number of minor Earthquakes while we’ve been living there and we barely even noticed them, while my neighbours told me that their whole house was shaking. I
  • Straightness of everything – every wall in my entire house is straight, plumb, level and square. I didn’t spend a cent on reworking anything for the finishing trades – everything was perfect from the outset thanks to the techniques that Andrew uses.
  • Speed of construction – we were owner builders, so we couldn’t afford any cost or time over runs. In fact Polycon reduced our build time enormously and took a lot of hassle out of it by eliminating the carpenter, bricklayer and insulation trades from the structural phase of my build.

On a personal note, Andrew was the best trade I had by far. Right from the outset he worked collaboratively with me to get the result I wanted. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was always there to offer helpful, honest and open advice which took the stress and cost out of the project. I can honestly say that Polycon saved me thousands of dollars and reduced my stress enormously.

I cannot recommend Polycon Structures and Eco Block highly enough!

Antoni, The Basin