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Insulated building systems, no
comparison to strength and speed of construction.

Sustainable development meeting the needs of today without compromising the future of our next generations .

Superior Insulated Building Systems

Proper planning is a key aspect, when designing your home, office or any other construction project. Quality eco block construction products are as important as proper planning and designing. Appropriately designed buildings with environment-friendly, insulated building systems ensure greater well-being and superior energy efficiency. This is exactly what we provide at Polycon Structures.

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Concrete Walls that Make Solid Homes

Concrete makes a durable solution for walls and floors. This makes it a great choice for different types of domestic construction projects. Right from multi-storey apartments to individual concrete houses, using concrete products makes a sustainable option.

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Eco Block

The ECO-Block insulated concrete form (ICF) is composed of three components - Side panel, Webs, Connectors.

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The QT®EcoSeries Wall Panel offers a solid substrate which can accommodate a wide range of finishes, high thermal insulation and fire resistance.

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Exsulite-EPS is suitable for residential building projects. It can also be used as a remedial facade system for renovation projects.

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  • R-Value 3.78
  • 180/180/180 Fire Rating
  • 6 Star Energy Rating Plus
  • Insulated Building
  • Compliant With Building Code of Australia

Products with greater Benefits

When planning a new home, consider the greater well-being that could come from living with a more even temperature, no drafts, much quieter home. Our environmentally friendly insulated building systems, are sustainable to the environment, reduce energy consumption, cost effective and provide comfortable indoor living environment.

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